One color at a time: my world between palette knife and canvas

Welcome to my corner of creativity, a place where the palette knife is not just a tool, but an extension of my soul. I am Assunta Cassa, and with each movement of my wrist, I weave stories steeped in vivid, vibrant emotions.

Life Beyond Color In the quiet of my studio in San Benedetto del Tronto, I listen to the dialogue between color and canvas. I speak not only of hues and shades but of an emotional journey taking shape with every stroke of the palette knife, leaving impressions that go beyond sight – touching the heart, intellect, and memory.


The Story Continues… This blog marks the beginning of a broader sharing, an invitation to follow its evolution without a set schedule, free from the constraints of time, driven by curiosity to see what new image will be revealed in each post. Here, you’ll find the chronicle of an ever-expanding artistic journey, reflecting my interpretation of the world’s beauty around me.

A Beginning Without a Timeline There’s no calendar to follow, no specific day to circle. There will only be the spontaneous flow of creativity because inspiration can’t be scheduled. Stay tuned, as with each new post, a piece of my creative universe will be freely shared with you.

I’m excited about this new chapter and hope you are equally curious to discover where this adventure will lead us.

Warm regards,
Assunta Cassa