My World in Colors: A Personal Journey

Hi everyone! Today, I’m going to take you on a dive into my colorful world. Yes, for those who haven’t noticed, I have a real obsession with colors and color combinations, and this passion has been with me forever. Even as a child, I spent hours carefully choosing the little outfits my mother made for me, always trying to create the perfect match. Imagine a little Assunta, with her mini wardrobe, matching the yellow shoes with the purple bows. A true fashion prodigy!

Now, a little secret between us: yes, I belong to the Jurassic era (I was born during the black-and-white period!). You can imagine my happiness when we finally got a color TV at home. It was like someone had opened the doors to a rainbow! Cartoons and TV shows came to life in a way I had never seen before. I was there, mesmerized in front of the screen, with my eyes wide open and a smile that stretched from ear to ear. Pure magic!

This passion for colors has never left me. Growing up, I always tried to surround myself with color in every aspect of my life: clothes, walls, furniture, even my hair sometimes. I adore spring and summer, also because I can wear vibrant and flashy outfits. Every time the sky is completely clear and the colors around me are bright, I get emotional like a child in front of a palette of watercolors.

In my work as an artist, colors are the heart of everything. Without those vibrant and brilliant tones, I would feel lost, depressed, as if the world had lost its magic. Each of my works is a symphony of colors, an explosion of emotions that tells a story. I need those colors to express what I feel inside, to paint the diary of my life made of challenges, achievements, and dreams.

I love to think of colors as people with unique personalities. There are the warm and welcoming colors, like red and orange, that make me feel alive and full of passion. Then there are the cool colors, like blue and green, that calm me and fill me with serenity. And of course, there are the crazy and vibrant colors, like yellow and purple, that make me smile and give me a burst of energy.

Maybe that’s why I love painting so much. It’s my way of interacting with the world, sharing my emotions and dreams. Every brushstroke, every shade, is a piece of me, of my journey through life.

As I continue to lose myself among my canvases and colors, I realize how fortunate I am. I can see the world in color, express myself through art, and share this journey with all of you. I hope you too find your color, the one that makes you feel alive and full of joy. Because, in the end, life is a blank canvas, and it’s up to us to paint it with the colors we love.

Enjoy your journey in your world of colors!